Concept and Objectives

Silica aerogel


The Concept

The HOMESKIN project technology is based is an exceptional material resulting from many years of research: silica aerogel. It is currently the best thermal insulation material. Comprised of a very light amorphous silica structure, it contains more than 95% captured air in nanometre-sized pores. This air-filled structure gives it the lowest thermal conductivity “λ” known to date.


However, currently the main constrain is the high cost linked to the process of this advanced material. As granulate, the silica aerogel is useful but only for specific applications.


Thus, the HOMESKIN project will develop and scale-up this advanced material to bring to the market a replicable and competitive high insulation material. The silica aerogel technology will be used to produce new Advanced Aerogel-Based Composite (AABC) which will respond to all the criteria needed by the building industry.


Project objectives

The HOMESKIN project will then :

  • Further enhance the AABC materials characteristics, in particular relative to the insulation system implementation, and most importantly with regards to CO2 emission and grey energy
  • Grow quickly on the Technology readiness levels (TRL) and enable the Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) upscaling,
  • Validate the implementation of the material in a reference insulation system, quantify field performance and freeze the specifications before industrial manufacturing roll-out,
  • Prepare an accelerated industrial ramp up for a worldwide expansion of the material,
  • Help strengthen a competitive and powerful high performance insulation European ecosystem
    of partners.


Project acronym: HOMESKIN
Project coordinator: ENERSENS, Dr. Brice FIORENTINO

Start date: 01/02/2015
Duration: 36 months
H2020 Project Grant Agreement number: 636709
Project Total Cost: 6,291,529 €
EC Contribution/Funding: 4,517,567 €
Programme acronym: H2020-EeB-2014
Subprogramme area: EeB-01-2014 – Materials for building envelope
Funding scheme: Collaborative project
Contract type: Large-scale integrating project