Project description

Project description


The Advanced Aerogel-Based Composite (AABC) materials are a unique new class of materials which have long been expected by the building industry and thermal performance specialists.


The HomeSkin project aims to develop a new silica Advanced Aerogel-Based Composite material with the lowest thermal conductivity compared to all others market materials that will permit to use less material and reduce global environmental impact of the developed system. HomeSkin will help to develop the other properties of the new silica aerogel-based advanced composite material in order to make it the best solution on the market.


The AABC material produced for the project will be boards of 400 mm *300 mm which will help speed-up the fine tuning of the manufacturing process and product to TRL7. At the end of the project NO risk on the manufacturing scale-up will remain and the path towards TRL 8-9 and the production of 1200 mm * 600 mm standard building construction boards shall be entirely secured.


The proposed new sustainable materials for building envelope will bring novel building solutions which will be thinner, lighter, conformable, non flammable, easier to integrate and with less CO2 and VOC emission than current envelope insulation systems. In turn, this added value material for envelopes will go beyond improved energy performance and provide to users higher thermal and acoustic comfort, safety, climate robustness, healthier air quality. This will increase the overall value of the building in operations and lead to more attractive refurbishment and new building applications. The development proposed will allow all building integration solutions, not only for inside or outside insulation (vertical – facade and horizontal – roof), but also for industrial panels depending on new or renovated building configurations. Finally, the proposed envelope material will facilitate mass customization of buildings (modular homes, prefabricated building components).


The new generation of materials for building envelope will be oriented towards sustainability. Once optimisations have been reached for the new sustainable material, final performance on energy and healthy efficiency will be tested at the panel level on different types of buildings (i.e. apartment houses, office buildings, public buildings).

AABC organic

Europe has the opportunity to take the lead based on AABC materials 

The AABC materials provide a unique mix of features: they are made in one single step process (not from granulates post processing) in ambient conditions, provide a 20 % better insulation performance than all the others, are slightly flexible, uniquely NON DUSTY, easy to cut neatly, do not embed VOC containing binders and provide drastically improved ageing (thanks to better hydrophobicity and the absence of salts in the final product).